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Staff and Owners

WOODBURY JEWELERS custom designs and hand-makes, most of the unique jewelry designs in our store.  We create our distinctive designs, ones-of-a-kind, and custom pieces for the customer who wants something special and cutting edge.    Whether it is re-purposing and redesigning your existing jewelry or fabricating an unusual art piece for you to wear, we cover all aspects of the creation.  Our master repair jeweler will meticulously bring your jewelry back to its original beauty.  We offer expert jewelry repairs including stone setting, prong repair, clasp and chain repair and jewelry engraving.  Our jewelry store on Park City Main Street, is a one stop jewelry store for all your jewelry repair needs, custom jewelry, and unique local jewelry designs.

Come see our store and discover the possibilities.  Come Design with Us!



Carrying on the Woodbury tradition, Sagan, is very knowledgeable about the jewelry designing experience. He is courteous and patient and can help you personalize or customize your own special piece of jewelry.  When you want to design your own custom jewelry, Sagan can help get the process started and work with you with drawings, and jewelry renders to make sure your custom jewelry is perfect.  Our master jeweler takes the design and manufactures the perfect handcrafted jewelry for you.  Come Design with Us Today!


Louise is a delight to work with.  She adds a special design flair to our store and cases.  She knows the ins and outs of jewelry and will make your jewelry designing or purchasing visit a positive, memorable experience.  Louise is very skilled at knowing what jewelry repairs are necessary for your jewelry.  She is excellent at recommending jewelry refurbishing, ring sizing, stone replacements, chain repairs and clasp repairs.  Our master jeweler is fast and efficient in doing jewelry repairs, jewelry restorations and custom jewelry.  Louise is very knowledgeable in all aspects of custom jewelry design processes and jewelry repair processes.




Taylor is a master jeweler, goldsmith and custom jewelry designer.  Taylor has been working with jewelry for close to 40 years.  He got his start in a high school jewelry class, and has perfected his skill over the years.  Taylor uses the latest technology in designing jewelry using CAD/CAM and is pretty skilled at knowing how to turn custom jewelry designs into the perfect custom jewelry for customers.  He designed and created most of the jewelry in our store including Mountain Jewelry, Snowflake Jewelry, Nature-Inspired Jewelry, Wild Life Jewelry, Sun Jewelry, Moon Jewelry, Star Jewelry, Insect Jewelry and a wide range of Colored Gemstone Jewelry. 
Look for this symbol on our products web pages for custom made jewelry pieces by Taylor.  Taylor is also very fast and efficient at jewelry repairs and jewelry refurbishing and excels in making affordable custom wedding rings.  Woodbury Jewelers is truly a one stop jewelry store covering all aspects of jewelry needs.


Aiden is an expert at stone setting and has quickly improved his skill by attending several stone setting classes.  He is very hard working and meticulous in the work he does.  He helps make the custom designed jewelry in our store including Diamond Mountain Necklaces, Diamond Snowflakes, Custom Gemstone Necklaces, Custom Gemstone Rings and Custom Gemstone Earrings.  Aiden is learning the art of jewelry repairs and is a valuable asset to Woodbury Jewelers.



Jordan is GIA Trained and knows the ins and outs of jewelry appraisals.   His calm professional demeanor will guide you through the sometimes confusing world of diamonds and vast selection of colored stones.  Jordan has been in the jewelry business for many years and can help customers with all jewelry repairs, jewelry appraisals and custom jewelry designs.  If you have any questions about precious gemstones and semi precious gemstones and their qualities, make sure to talk to Jordan.


Trained as a sculptor, it was an easy transition to jewelry with all the beautiful colors and audacious applications.  A firm believer in recycling the cherished memories of old, Debbe loves revamping "grandma's" pieces into something new and vibrant (she refers to her creations as "wearable art").  Debbe enjoys creating ones of a kind and crazy stock pieces.  Come browse our selection of custom designed jewelry at Woodbury Jewelers.